Open VPN is an open source (free) application used for Virtual Private Networking (VPN). We can use this application to create an encrypted point-to-point tunnel connection. Open VPN usually uses private keys, certificates. This is of course for security using OpenVPN is very good.

What are the Benefits of OpenVPN?

1. The benefits that we can get if our connection uses OpenVPN, namely: 1. We can surf anonymously. That is, you can surf the internet without being tracked by the real IP you have, that is because our IP will be detected by another IP (anonymous), which is in accordance with the VPN server IP that we are using. In conclusion, we are safe from hackers.

2. You can access websites that are blocked because they are related to state or office regulations.

3. VPN allows you to remote computer in another place as long as it is still connected to the internet network. This VPN benefit is suitable for those of you who store important data on computers in other locations.  

4. increase the security of your device (both the system and all data stored on it) when using public WiFi. You need to know that free internet access that is open to the public is very vulnerable to hacking and the entry of dangerous malware. This VPN app can be a way of protecting you from those things. security with VPN standard 128 bit / 1024 bit encryption.